Career examples at Fresenius Medical Care

Dr. Andreas Terpin - Vice President IP and Economics Evaluation, Bad Homburg

What are your current tasks?

I am Vice President in the IP Licensing and Economic Evaluation department. We work on finding out in what direction dialysis therapy is heading. We also contemplate what technologies will be necessary for this in the future and how we can generate new ideas. Our results should make it possible for management to make strategically correct decisions and, if possible, break new ground on the dialysis market.

How did you join the Fresenius Medical Care family?
During my research in organic and inorganic chemistry at the University of Munich and Berkley the syntheses of natural complex molecules or those designed on the computer from simple components have always fascinated me. With this knowledge I have become a valuable employee for Fresenius Medical Care.

For what tasks are you responsible every day?
My tasks include negotiating licenses with external companies and inventors and at the same time my team and I are the interface to the market. Three additional colleagues work in patent research, on state-of-the-art technology and on compiling prognoses. Another employee assesses whether investments in inventions and especially their protection (i.e. in patents) is profitable or not. This is an international collaboration and we continuously keep in touch with colleagues worldwide.

What do you consider to be special at Fresenius Medical Care?
For the development of innovative dialysis devices it is essential to have an exact understanding of the disease. The scope of our responsibility becomes very clear after witnessing the transfer of a human being's blood through a machine and back into the body. I am happy to be able to play my part at Fresenius Medical Care in this.

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